Spiritual Writings

Welcome to my Spiritual Writings page. I never intended to share these writings with other people but have felt called to lately. I share them as an act of humility and I hope they may inspire you. Perhaps you will recognize yourself in them. Maybe they will show you a new side of God or spirituality. Maybe you will be prompted to share writings that you have made with me! Be blessed…

Holy Spirit, help me to be a living proclamation of the gospel.
Holy Spirit/Grace 12/11/06

23 June 07 Accra, Ghana
Day by day, day by day, God completes a great work in me.

Man. By the one I was cursed and suffered. But oh, by the other, I was saved.
Holy Spirit/Grace

Life is such a journey. I want to make it to the end of the journey having been sustained by little mustard seeds of faith. Sometimes in the moment of crisis they’re all I have. And yet I’m told, that with them I can move mountains.
Holy Spirit/Grace after talking with Susan Wenger 2/15/07

7 Jul 07, Abidjan, Ivory Coast
In my life I will die a million deaths or more to be reborn in your image. Re-birth me! Give me the courage to die knowing that resurrection awaits tomorrow!!

7 Jul 07, Abidjan, Ivory Coast
I am a searchlight. A searchlight that shines into the darkness. Though I cannot see clearly sometimes in the dark, I light the way for others. I must be confident of the light I shine or I will not be able to show others the way. My light will grow dim and flicker and then we’ll all be lost. Shining a light means being noticed. No one misses a searchlight unless they are thoroughly blind. No, I cannot back down from this part of the job description. My light, once switched on does not go off. So I must stand as a searchlight casting light suddenly wherever I turn. Others will not understand that they were just sitting in the dark and will be surprised at what they see in the light; all that is newly appears around them. Most will want to retreat back into the darkness. I will still shine my light despite their malalaise, for I cannot turn it off. I am a searchlight sent to seek and to save that which was lost.

? Jul 07 Abidjan, Ivory Coast
I am an adventuress. I am a free-faller. Falling into the arms of God. I have stepped off the cliff and I am falling. Sometimes it is so awful to be falling. Who likes to fall? It’s a a terrifying feeling. But there is a small thrill there; an absolute certainty of trust.

24 Jul 07 Accra, Ghana
My loneliness is my sacrifice for you. It’s hard to be lonely. But we don’t get holy by staying at home in our comfort zone. I told you I wanted to be sanctified, to be holy. This is how it happens, isn’t it? I’m accepting it and offering it back if that’s what you want. It’s not a sacrifice unless it hurts. Yes, even in my solitude I grow stronger and more peaceful. I am being remade in your image. I can’t even say I want to be a saint, as holy as he holiest person that ever was. This is enough for me for now. This is all I can give. This is all I can be. You made me to love you and know you and to do your will. I am yours. I await for the great beer hall; the eternal festival where I may dance for you for all time.

A modern personal translation of the Lord’s Prayer, that now arises from my heart during mass and makes it difficult for me to pray the standard version:

Our Father who is in heaven
holy is your name,
your kingdom will come
let your will be done
everywhere on earth, just as it is done in heaven;
give us this day all that we need, food of every sort,
forgive us please, our sins and selfishness,
just as we forgive all those who have hurt or offended us, past and present
keep us away from temptation and save us from all evil
For the kingdom and all power and glory are yours alone, now and forever more

The Rhythm of Prayer
The rhythm of morning and evening prayer are going to be indispensable for you as you do this work. Do not imagine or believe that it won’t be. That will the beginning of your end. Open yourself up to God every morning and close yourself to the day at night. In times of trial, like Vonda, open yourself to the Holy Spirit and let Her pour over you, soothing and covering every hurting part of you. Visualize God and actively sit before Him letting Him transform you. Do not forsake your tender spouse.
(After talking with Laura and Vonda and receiving their blessings – 01/29/07)

A great net
Lord, I want to cast a great net for you. To be a big net that gathers in all around me, all whom you’ve given to me. To be a safe place that they may fall into and rest; where they may be safe from the world as infants in your arms, trusting, warm, joyful and renewed. Please let my beauty be a mere reflection of yours, a cause of remembrance of yours. Let me carry this net everywhere and hold it out as long as I can. Let my breasts offer the milk of human kindness and love, of divine wisdom and fruitful nourishment. Help me to not trade my virtue for human acceptance. Let my glory be rooted in you, in the eyes of the world. Let me not fail those who fall into my net. They are young gift to me.
(Written at adoration after receiving spiritual direction, and praying to Jesus and asking Mary for her prayers – 03/01/07)

Grace, you are a missionary. You are a missionary to those you work with, to those you work for, and to those you work amongst. Do not imagine that you are not. [That you are, for example, only a humanitarian worker following an individualized sense of compassion that is not rooted in the Author of compassion). That is where the anger and frustration come from. The noise outside your window that you hear right now, the noise that wakes you up and keeps you from sleeping, the water shortage, (look, you’re already used to “lights off”), the mosquito bites…they’re all things God is allowing you to experience right now. Offer them up. Offer them up for souls and let God’s salvation and peace pass through you. This is fuel for prayer. When you are not treated the way you treat others at work, offer it up. You are a missionary. Do not forget this. Do not forget this.
(Grace/Holy Spirit 20 May 2007)

(Writings on the 23rd below, written while uniting my suffering to Jesus’ during a nasty case of food poisoning and a beautiful time of humility and grace.

How wonderful it is! I have begun tithing again. If I was truly faithful I would have started from the moment I got here, but trusted in myself more than God and needed to see my wealth accumulate a little before I could substantively share it again, truth be told. So much concern I have held in my heart for the poor and for so long, and now I have the opportunity to give straight to them through the St. Vincent de Paul fund for the poor. Thank you God for rewarding my desire with fulfillment. Thank you for teaching me that all is gift and for trusting me with, and teaching me how to manage the gift. I will give with a spontaneity and joy that arise from utter confidence that your generosity in meeting my needs will blow out of the water any previous notion of generosity I have had. For you have given me no less than your life.
(Grace/Holy Spirit 23 May 2007)

Jane, I will continue to love you. You cannot stop that. I will continue to love you and all those like you. You are young, presumptive, and self-oriented. Have you ever seen the true face of love? Has He visited you? Did you receive Him? Maybe you have never met. In that case I will show you to Him in my constant fidelity to you. When you are unkind or thoughtless to me I will nurse love toward you. I will not back down from the challenge of letting the constancy, fire and power of His love blaze up in my heart and shine through my eyes, demanding your response to His call to surrender into HIs loving arms. Stop fighting and start loving. That is my message and I won’t stop saying it. I won’t stop respecting you. And you, you are even easier to love than Anne. Oh God, fill my heart with love that not one single lamb of yours be lost on my account. Let love be the constant searchlight of my heart that calls out to the lost and has some provisions in store to nurse them back to health. Show us that we are lost. For only then can we find our way back home.
(Grace/Holy Spirit 23 May 2007)

My Shepherd
You my shepherd are so strong and so good. You are the good and protective older brother. You are the beautiful one that sits in quiet, loving solitude keeping watch over your cute and hapless lambs. We bleat helplessly and look at you adoringly; and you adore us in return. All I long to do is to sit with you in the night and watch the starts twinkle, wrapped in their vast backdrop of blue. To lay my head on your knee and rest in deep love and contentment. No… in adoration.
(Grace/Holy Spirit 23 May 2007)

Floating in love
I know you are real. You are so real; because I live in a world love. Oh, would that a tidal wave could sweep over the earth and engulf everyone in the love in which they want to live. But no, we must all make our way to the ocean, dipping our toes into the cold, salty water. It is so new to us after being on land so long. The power of the waves crashing in scares us. But we are not to fear. Before we know it our bodies acclimate to the temperature and as we float carelessly and trustingly, the great body of water bears us up amidst the repeated waves. We do not drown. We float in this great amniotic sac of pregnant love and soon are reborn. Reborn into a world of love.
(Grace/Holy Spirit 23 May 2007)

My secret weapon
Yes, I have a secret. It is a weapon I carry within me. A weapon to wage peace, not war. A weapon to wage love, not hate. To you I seem simple, unassuming, maybe boring, quiet, shy, afraid, or docile, because I don’t seek to overpower you with my opinion or loud, domineering voice. Sources from which you draw your strength and validation; the unmistakable voice of the world. I don’t need these methods. I have learned that there is more wisdom and peace in silence and contemplation than in boisterous assertions of subjective “truth”, peddled as objective reality.

So I sit quietly with my secret weapon, knowing my time will come. Witnessing to the peace of a hidden spiritual reality in which all your concerns and distractions are subsumed. Yes, my light is on. Yes, somebody is at home. In fact, there’s a whole cloud of witnesses with me waiting to greet you. My silence of peace and non-participation in the vain strivings of this world is calling to you. Will you stop trying to control and judge and listen for a moment?


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  1. Dear Grace,
    Pace e Bene!
    I can see you are a faith-filled and a good person. Will u be my friend? Please say yes and I will introduce myself. Have a nice day.

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