Hi there. I’m a 31 year old woman who loves God so much I’m going to move to Ghana in 4-6 weeks. 🙂 I’ll be living in the capital city of Accra and traveling from there throughout Western and Central Africa to process refugees for US entry. The work is intense with 8-12 hour days of interviewing people who have survived sometimes indescribable things . This opportunity has been years in the “attaining” and is a life-long dream of mine. It is incredibly hard to find paying work with refugees and to be able to get into the camps, so I can’t possibly relate what this means to me.

I do not read blogs and am not interested in them…yet. However, I am hoping you’ll read mine. Well, once there’s something interesting to read. Why? Because I’m going to make it entertaining, enlightening and spiritually entrancing. Well, I’m going to try with God’s help. I pray that I will be able to glorify Him in this endeavor.
My reasons for doing this (blogging) are threefold. 1) This is a great way to stay in touch with friends, family and loved ones as my life undergoes a big, new change. You have no idea how impossible it is oftentimes to try to write emails to a whole host of people in a country where the infrastructure works half the time and slowly and badly at that. This is just far more expedient and makes for a more sane living experience! Plus you get pictures and graphics and stuff…nice…(let me get there first though.  Pictures of icy Pennsylvania just won’t be as interesting).

2) Life in a 3rd world country is drastically different than in a 1st, and it is vitally important to me that you 1st world dwellers understand how blessed, i.e. wealthy and lucky and safe we are and how we are all truly connected.

3) This is the biggie so read this: I’m going to use this blog as a sort of live journal. I am going to try to be as honest as possible in relating how I see and experience the face of God in my daily life as I go on my “mission”. And what I do when the fog has rolled in and I can’t see Him as clearly anymore. No doubt I will offend some people sometimes, some people all the time and cause someone to just scratch their head and grunt, “Huh?”. It is not my goal to offend anyone. However, it is my blog site, and while I pray you will remain with me and accompany me on my journey, I understand not all of you will. I am at peace with that and wish you well. But don’t be surprised if I miss you.

I have always prided myself on having a rich tapestry of friends with different worldviews, ideas and cultural understandings. I will continue to cultivate those friendships as they make life beautifully rich! But this blog marks a parting from my past, in that time is short and God is infinitely loving. Therefore this space must be sacred and brutally honest. I can only pray that in my courage and vulnerability, that you will find courage and vulnerability, and that together, we will see the face of God.

Ah yes, and hopefully in a delightfully, surprising new way… ;->


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  1. Grace, you ARE in my prayers and I think about you often, and our bus ride to the Nat’l Shrine. I am so proud of you and everything you are doing!
    Take good care, Happy Easter,
    your friend,
    Ruth Davis

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