Off to Ivory Coast

July 3, 2007 at 10:20 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Dear Ones,

I’m dashing this off in the 20 minutes I have before catching my flight to Ivory Coast for my next circuit ride. Between the scheduled power outages, bouts of sickness I occasionally have, and working a lot it’s hard to find time sometimes to be online, but I wanted to let you know where I’m off to that you might remember me in your prayers. I will return the favor.

Ivory Coast has been relatively more safe than Guinea lately as far as we’re told. However, on Friday as I was lying comatose in bed from whatever little bugs were wreaking havoc in me, and enjoying a rare moment to watch a pirated version of Shrek on my laptop, my coworker called me in a tizzy saying that VOA (Voice of America) was announcing that the Prime Minister’s helicopter or plane had just been hit by a missile and four people with him were killed. So, here we go again, I thought, just as we’re off to try to help some of our refugees to leave their situation this kind of thing happens. It was the same with Guinea, nothing for awhile and then the riots on our last day. While the event was interesting and dramatic, it just didn’t concern me too much. I encouraged my colleague to turn off the radio for awhile.

While there, we will be on a self-imposed curfew and I’m sure we’ll be fine. Our supervisors are smart enough to know where we should go and when. Still, if you haven’t prayed for peace lately would you please pray for peace in Africa and the whole world? Our God is an amazing God full of love. He wants us to come and to ask him for what we need in our lives. Are you making use of this tremendous resource?!

I hope to have interesting things to share with you upon my return amidst of course, lots of joyful moments.

Counting on your prayers,
your sister soldier,


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  1. Dear Grace,

    God Bless your little heart with its massive courage, love and trust in our Lord. I look forward to reading your blog. I am truly inspired by your actions and the honesty that your words convey on your journey in Africa. I am often left with residue from your experiences. They stay with me and engulf me with a perspective on my life. I reflect many times on what is important in life? How should I use my time? How do I love? How do I give? What is God calling me to do? How do I respond? What are my fears? What stands in the way of what God calls me to do? When is time to act? Thank you Grace for being a witness in action and being vulnerable in sharing your experiences. (I have not received a blog in 3 weeks, hoping you are ok.)

    Your Franciscan Sister in Christ,

    + Marisol +

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