Total Abandon

March 27, 2007 at 6:55 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 6 Comments

Hello everyone.  I am finally here at my destination in Accra and am feeling overwhelmed to say the least.  My mind is in a bit of a blur trying acclimate to this big city with its noise, pollution and constant staring and relentless invitations for conversation and phone numbers.  I just try to smile in a kind confident way and keep moving talking a little bit here and there.  There are no street signs (or names) really, so you can imagine how challenging it is to try to find your way for the first time.  You have to go by landmarks that you don’t know yet and that a good amount of taxi drivers don’t know sometimes.  I didn’t anticipate that it would be as difficult as it is to understand everyone as the accent is really thick here.  I did manage to be able to change my money, buy a cell phone and get to the internet cafe today so I feel like I accomplished something!

 I am living for a week with three young women who are helping me when they’re not at work (which isn’t often)!

 This is likely the hardest time for me during my stay here.  I have not felt this alone in quite awhile.  Things did not go well at the airport when I landed due to a visa mixup but four hours later I was finally able to leave.   Big opportunity to build my faith there as you can imagine…Knowing how many people are praying for me has given me indescribable strength.  Your prayers are lifting me and I need them. 

It also appears to be rather difficult to find housing so that will be my next challenge.

 It is through adversity that we often grow closer to God and so I continue to draw strength from Him.  One small grace given to me is that when my plane landed, I can truly say that I felt home for a moment.  I was hoping this would happen.   As I stepped into the balmy, humid weather and entered the airport the familiar smell of concrete and moisture made me feel like I was right back in Zambia.  So many feelings and emotions come flooding back that all I could do after an incredibly busy couple of weeks moving, selling my car and little sleep during my flight was simply let it all wash over me as I opened myself up to God in prayer and trust and total abandon. 

Heading into work tomorrow for my first day and I’m really looking forward to it.  I can’t wait for this to start becoming familiar and to feel at home.

 It’s getting dark outside and we’re not to really be out at night so I’ll wrap things up here.  Not sure how often I’ll be able to be on the internet but I’ll be in touch as I am able. 

God bless you all.  You are in my prayers.




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  1. Hey Grace!! Welcome to Ghana 🙂 I’m really happy to know that you arrived safely, even though its all overwhelming and terrifying for the time being… I’ll keep you in my prayers! Good luck with your first day of work 🙂 You can do it!

  2. Dear SSGG, how inspiring! You are one of the most adaptive people I know and I am _sure_ that, like any good sunflower, you will bloom where you are planted. 🙂 Deo gratias! Pax tecum.

  3. Grace,

    I am so glad you made it safely to Africa. Remember, you are never alone, precious child. You have family, friends, the saints and many angels surrounding you with love and prayers. Call on us when you need help carrying the load. We will come running!!! May the Lord bless you and keep you and give you His peace!!

  4. On a day when I was thinking about you, and wanting to call you to say hi, I get an email from you. How awesome is that? :o)

    You are in my thoughts, and my prayers are with you. Be safe and enjoy yourself Erickson, and give a shout out every once in a while! I know God is watching over you! Miss ya bunches!!!

    You Rock!

  5. Grace,
    I am so glad you arrived safe in the historical country, Ghana. You will love it eventually. you just need to relax and be confident. You can imagine what it is when I arrived US in winter of 2003. It was really cold and was delayed by the immigration for hours. It was equally difficult comprehending the American accent especially as the immigration officials seem to speak too fast. But I was determined to feel at home and take it in slowly. It helped. Now, i do feel at home and love my experience in the US.
    you will be ok. I am excited for you. You have a lot of experiences ahead. Just pray always and avoid being alone or being with strangers. Avoid being out at night. May God bless and protect you.
    Please, let me have your phone no.

  6. ahh, well my sister, your feet are finally on the ground and you’re off and running. Keep things simple and be safe.

    May you feel Christ ever nearer. May you hear His voice ever clearer. May your love for the people of Western Africa deepen. May your life be a sweet incense.

    We OP Erickson’s are praying for you daily. I love you Grace.

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